Moya 0.5.12 was recently released. Moya is a language and web application server built in Python. You can use Moya to create dynamic sites, such as this one.

You can install Moya with the following command:

pip install moya

Add -U if you already have Moya installed and want to upgrade.

Run the following command to test Moya works on your system:

moya serve .

What's new?

This release includes a number of fixes and new features.

  • Python 3 compatibility fixes.

  • Windows fixes.

  • Multiple media URLs. The media url setting now accepts a list of media URLs, which Moya will cycle through when rendering a page. This is useful if you want to serve your media files over several subdomains, to trick the browser in to making more simultaneous requests.

  • An experimental generic key field was added to models.

  • Added new --slow switch to the runserver command. This switch inserts a small delay before responding to requests, to simulate network latency.

  • moya-pm command. This command can download and install packages from

  • Added a priority attribute to <mount> and a urlpriority attribute to <install> tags. Previously URLs were checked in the order they were defined. Now you can explicitly define the order.

  • Added ability to set the default project from an environment variable. If the MOYA_PROJECT environment variable is set, Moya will use this path in preference to the current working directory.

  • Added moya-srv command. This command allows you manage multiple Moya projects for a single server. Not yet documented, but more info can be found here.

  • Added RSS feeds. You can now use the <feed> and <add-feed-item> tags to serve an RSS feed, as used in the built in Blog application, and the official RSS feed for Moya news.

Discussion Group

If you are interested in Moya, please join the discussion group.

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